The Greatest Story Never Told

Dec 16, 2013 -- 9:52am


It was my honor to take my airshow to SeaWorld for a live broadcast on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 7.  For four hours, I sat at my appointed station on the Lakeside Patio in this amazing place, listening to our Christmas music coming from Gainesville, while I would talk live over the Pulse’s airwaves - from Orlando.  Gotta love technology, and the advanced equipment that makes all this possible.  SeaWorld and their great employees were perfect hosts, treating us royally and giving my wife and me a truly great afternoon.

I wasn’t surprised that we had fun in the live broadcast – but there were things that happened afterwards that DID catch me off-guard.  First of all, the park was filled with the music of amazing Christmas carols played over the loudspeakers, some of which by Christian artists such as Third Day.  Secondly – this top-notch park that is attended by people from all over the world had no problems playing Christmas music that contained the REAL meaning for this most blessed and celebrated holiday.  Songs of praise to Jesus were there for all to hear, and it made the Christmas atmosphere electric.  I loved it.

But the biggest surprise came when Cindy and I attended “O Wondrous Night” – it is billed as “The Greatest Story Never Told”, a live musical production narrated by some creative and delightfully funny animal puppets.  These characters told the story of the manger in Bethlehem, each taking a bit of credit for the successful birth of the Savior.  It was all wonderful.  Their humor and competition made this event a memorable one.  But what really made it special was the way in which the actual events in the manger were presented.  Even with the humor in the dialogue between the puppets, the birth of Jesus was honored and celebrated.  The songs were enthusiastic, and passionate.  It was downright thrilling to hear this group of talented performers put on a live theatrical show – while not watering down Christmas and relegating it to “Happy Holiday”. 

The show ended with the near capacity crowd giving a standing ovation, and cheering loudly.  I was on my feet too.

This is one Christmas event that I encourage you to check out.  And bravo, SeaWorld, for giving us one truly wondrous night!


Till next time.


~ Mike Gilland

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