Straight Talk and Wise Words

Aug 27, 2013 -- 1:48pm


The band known as Royal Tailor has had some real shining moments in their young career.  They toured on the big Winter Jam this past year, a gig that would help any band’s resume.  They had a top 25 song with their hit “Hold Me Together.”  They were nominated for a Grammy with their debut project.  So, I was not surprised at the level of talent in both their musicianship and vocals.  

But I have to say that I WAS surprised at the depth and passion with which they spoke to the students at last Friday night’s concert at Abundant Grace Community Church in Gainesville, where they performed with former Gator and worship leader Austin Adamec.  Toward the end of the concert, their lead singer Tauren Wells took a moment to speak from his heart to the students, offering some advice that was spot-on, both from a theological and practical standpoint.  

Tauren’s short speech was riveted with ready-made quotes, memorable expressions that will stick with me for a long time.  I pray these words will stick with the students too.  He prefaced his comments with a powerful and humble declaration that “Tonight wasn’t about Austin Adamec, or Royal Tailor, but about Jesus Christ.”  He also acknowledged that “what you see on this stage is a perfect example of imperfect people, those who brought their imperfections in with them.”   Wow.  I knew then that what he was about to say had to be good.

Tauren spoke with an urgency and clarity that is rare.  He has been gifted by God, not just as a band frontman, but also as a clear communicator of powerful truth.  Included among several directives, he started by declaring to the students that were returning to their high school campuses that “cliques are overrated!”  He said that while everybody enjoys hanging with their friends, the right thing to do is NOT to spend every day with the same group of people.  He urged them to “look for the B-Team,” those sitting alone, those who might be thought of as different.  “Be a friend to them.”

He encouraged them to live today with “an eye for eternity.”  Tauren rightly reminded them that what they do today in this life will prepare them for what they will do in the life to come.  He encouraged them to have fun…because they are in school only once…but to have that fun in the light of eternity.

Finally, he beckoned them to “start a movement,” to make a difference with their lives, sharing their heart with others, and inspiring their friends to live with purpose and dedication to Jesus.  He shared that it wasn’t about their status, but their service, that matters.

I have heard a lot of bands, and a lot of words spoken to audiences.  But I have to say – I never heard truth spoken more clearly or more passionately than I did last Friday night.  

Royal Tailor will be back in our area at the Life in the Son Festival on September 28.  I encourage you to make a point to hear this band.  Pray for them.  They are living it on the frontlines, and pushing students to make a difference for the Lord.

Till next time.

~ Mike Gilland

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