True Thirst and a Chance Meeting - Part 2

Aug 09, 2013 -- 2:44am

In my last post, I was looking at the intriguing conversation between Jesus and The Woman at the Well, as described in John 4.  This passage is a favorite by many teachers of evangelism, as we see firsthand how Jesus handled the objections and distractions that came up in their dialogue.

I also stated that the Samaritan woman did not recognize Jesus’ identity, or the point that He was making.  Today, I look at the third and fourth areas of importance – both originally not recognized by this woman.  

3 -- She didn’t perceive His Power

Jesus gave her glimpse of the Gift.  He demonstrated it, actually – in the form of a prophetic word.  “Go, call your husband, and come here.”

Jesus was the Gift –He is the Giver of Gifts.  The more she opened up to the Lord, the more she was to recognize what a Gift He was.  

In the beginning, however, she just didn’t perceive it.  But the power of the Spirit’s revelation to her about her life impacted her, and she then began to realize that there was something different about Him.  Yet…just like that, she jaunted back into another rabbit-trail discussion about her personal experience with worship – as she had known it.  How patient was (and is) the Lord!

4 -- She didn’t perceive her thirst

Beneath all of these things is one fundamental truth – and that was that she didn’t realize just how thirsty she was.

She thought she was there for a cool, refreshing drink of water.  The Lord was there to invite her to drink from a different well, unlike anything she had ever known.

Jesus was revealing to this woman her need for a GREATER thirst!  

Her life choices, her preoccupation with her culture, her lack of seeking truth – all were robbing her of the greatest delightful water of all.

Cindy and I learned a number of years ago from a friend that is a nutritionist the fact that most Americans are dehydrated, and live much of their lives that way. The danger is that we drink liquids that don’t nourish, but somehow we think that we’re “drinking enough.”  

Today, I pray that we all become thirsty for the right water, the living water that comes only from Jesus.  May we recognize Him in His power, and understand just what it is that He is saying to us.

Till next time.

~ Mike Gilland

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